Armed the best Research facilities in the Rosin industry for first time in Uttarakhand, our state-of-the-art research lab is dedicated to roll out best of products and services for our most valued clients and customers.

We have dedicated space of 700 sq feet area for state of art Laboratory equipped with fully trained staff as well as most of the equipments for testing of Resin, Rosin as well as liquid products like Pine Oils , Turpentine, Dipentene etc. There are special arrangements for in process testing during the batch for most of the products in order to control the reactions to yield products with required specifications within shortest range.

Our conscience provides for supreme significance assigned to the specific requirements and necessities of each of our customers, however small or huge their consumptions or requirements may be.

Our R & D lab consists of advanced mechanisms for testing, materials research facilities for working on various kinds of raw materials and compositions, catering to various parameters of products testing, ovens, Muffle furnaces, Color Comparometer, viscometers, melting Point Apparatus, refractive index meters and advanced chemical handling systems and to top these all, we are equipped with pilot plants of various sizes from 1,2 liters up to 50 Kg for testing of each of our compositions under development Each batch of every products are stored for sample reference in our R & D lab for a specific number of weeks that helps in troubleshooting and material study. Also none of the raw material is allowed to enter the process without confirmation of required standards for our products.