Product Gum Rosin derived by distillation of Gum Of Pine Tree
Color N /WW/WG Grade
Acid Value 170 + 10
Softening Point 75 + 5º C by ball and ring method.
Solubility Soluble in all types of aromatic solvents like Tolune
/Benzene/Xylene As well as alcohols,
Compatibility Compatible with Rubber , pigments like Zinc Oxide ,Titanium Dioxide in presence of compatible solvent system Also compatible with oils and alkyds.
Application Rosin had vast applications in chemical industry . Right from papers to rubber pigments resins and agarbatti compounds dhupetc are made from Rosin. It has excellent adhesive properties as well as imparts good gloss to the film. So it is also main ingredient in resins for paint, printing ink as well as coatings.
Packing Available in 200 Kgs casks
Availability Available within 7 days period ex our godown at Bhiwandi.
  • Package - 20'FCL load
  • 200kg net Galvanized casks 18 MT (80 casks)
  • Chemical Formula - CAS Number - HS CODE
  • C20H30O28050 - 09 - 73806 1010
  • Storage - In cool place, avoid fire and high temperature